Hangin' Loose in Sicamous U Pick and RV Camping

We are an active younger family of 5 who decided to grab life by the horns and purchase an organic berry farm in the heart of beautiful BC. We were in search of spending more time together and creating lasting family memories exploring the outdoors.

In 2022, we decided to open up our berry farm for a unique experience, we are now a U Pick and RV Campground!! We have an extraordinary camping area right along the Eagle River. We also have extensive knowledge of the fun activities to do in the area which will ensure you will create memorable experiences.

The campground area has approximately 500 feet of riverfront access. We are working on establishing a nice walking trail which will highlight all of the different flora and fauna we grow on the farm.

Are you into bird watching? There are hundreds of different species of birds that travel along the river everyday. We have an abundance of bald eagles and golden eagles that will be sure to please. Watch as they catch fish right in front of your eyes!

In late summer, early fall you will get an exclusive chance to watch the Salmon Run. Watch in amazement as tens of thousands of salmon are spawning in the river. It looks like a river of red, such a neat experience.

Dog overlooking Eagle River